Measures for COVID-19

ホテル オロックスでは、新型コロナウィルス感染症(COVID-19)への対策として、お客様およびスタッフの健康と安全を考慮し、また安心してお客様にご利用いただけるよう、以下の取り組みを行ってまいります。





- お客様へのお願い事項 -

- サービス内容一部制限についてのご案内 -


We perform the following approaches to be available to a customer in consideration of health and security of a customer and the staff as measures to COVID-19 infectious disease in peace again at HOTEL OROX. I think whether you may cause a customer inconvenience, but hope that I have understanding cooperation.

<< approach in the public space >>
①Setting of the alcohol antiseptic solution
 We install alcohol antiseptic solution in the hotel entrance, the breakfast venue entrance and recommend the sterilization.
②Reinforcement of the periodical sterilization
 We carry out the alcohol sterilization where there are many opportunities when the customer touches it such as a doorknob, a door, a banister, the button in the elevator, the powder room door regularly.
③We wear masks during our duties
 We wear masks for the purpose of health and ensuring safety of a customer and ourselves.
④Setting of the clear curtain for the droplet infection prevention
 We install a clear curtain in the front counter as prevention of droplet infection.
⑤Setting of the sanitization liquid to the guest room and the duster
 We install sodium hypochlorite sanitization liquid and a duster in each guest room, and even you can sterilize the curious point.
⑥Keeping social-distance
 We set up position indication in front of a front desk for the purpose of keeping social distance.

<< approach in the breakfast >>
We stop providing buffet breakfast for a while.
In addition, we watch the situation closely for a while and we will restart providing buffet breakfast when we judged that the perfect environment, situation was regulated well.

<< approach in the guest room cleaning >>
①We wear masks when we clean guest rooms.
②Sterilization reinforcement at the time of the guest room cleaning
 We strengthen the alcohol sterilization where a doorknob, the remote control of the guest room, switches, many people including the faucet lever touch.

<< approach for the staff >>
①We check physical condition of our every employee at the time of the attendance
 We check the temperature before attendance. Fever more than 37.0 degrees and the employee who is poor in the physical condition do it with a layoff and stop attendance until four days pass after the alleviation of fever in the case of the fever that is more than 37.5 degrees after the alleviation of fever in the case of fever from 37.0 to 37.4 degrees for two days.
②Hand-washing, gargle, enforcement of the sterilization
 We strengthen hand-washing, a gargle of the staff, enforcement of the alcohol sterilization.
③Self-restraint of the non-pivot non-sudden going out and meeting attendance
 We teach it to restrain itself from the meeting by the workplace unit by business trip of the staff, the prohibition of the foreign tour, the participation prohibition of the event to avoid the place where many gather and the workplace unit.
④Construction of the physical condition regime
 We establish an action standard at the time of the poor physical condition and build the system to grasp health condition of the staff, and to manage.

To our guests
 ■At the time of settlement, we use a cash tray.
 ■We ask for your cooperation to disinfect with alcohol sterilization.
 ■During your stay if you feel your physical condition is poor, please let us know promptly.

※We follow the policy of administration and related organizations about the approach mentioned above, and we may change it.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.